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Top Dining Room Trends in 2020

Property investment is now the most popular trend in 2020. As more homeowners invest in renovating their property to keep up with modern fads and increase the overall value of their house, they often overlook the dining room.
However, the dining areas is also an important part of the dwelling and it needs to be revamped as well. With this in mind, you need to watch out for a few dining rooms trends.
1. Barstools
Though barstools are mostly used in kitchens, they are coming to dining furniture sets this time around. The barstool adds a practical touch to the openness in the room’s space. Besides…

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Designer Tips for a Brighter Room

Brightening up a murky room might feel like a daunting task. This is especially true if the task is labor-intensive, and it involves breaking walls down or adding windows for natural lighting to pass through.
Fortunately, there are a ton of helpful ideas on how to make a room brighter and set up a coherent lighting source. These designer tips will aid you in lighting up the room as efficiently as possible without much effort.
1. Hang a Few Mirrors
Having a mirror or two in a dimly lit room should make up for the lack of sufficient lighting. In case you miss it, mirrors bounce light. …

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Top Decorating Ideas that Feature Greenery

Do you love nature, but you rarely get the chance to stroll outside and experience the lush greenery? If so, you may want to take advantage of the following top ideas for decorating your home interiors with house plants.
1. Pair Cut Blooms with Coffee Table
A coffee table will complement the overall look of your living room, even if that household article lacks color. However, it would be a great idea to place a crisp portion of color cut blooms in a round vase carefully to enjoy the vigor they bring. Always having a fresh set of cut blooms yields will transform your space and the atmosphere.