Designer Tips for a Brighter Room

Brightening up a murky room might feel like a daunting task. This is especially true if the task is labor-intensive, and it involves breaking walls down or adding windows for natural lighting to pass through.

Fortunately, there are a ton of helpful ideas on how to make a room brighter and set up a coherent lighting source. These designer tips will aid you in lighting up the room as efficiently as possible without much effort.

1. Hang a Few Mirrors

Having a mirror or two in a dimly lit room should make up for the lack of sufficient lighting. In case you miss it, mirrors bounce light. This clever trick works best with walls that do not have a hint of openness.

2. Show Vivid Works of Art

If you intend to place artwork on the walls of the room in question, you should go for the lighter option. The room becomes nobler if vivid art pieces are mounted on walls. For rooms that feel too dull or gloomy, it is highly recommended that you opt for art pieces with bright pigments because it helps make the room more welcoming to visitors.

3. Use Light Wood Flooring

Choose light wood flooring over any other type of flooring because it works best when the space in a dark room demands more illumination. The charming characteristic of lightly stained floors is what makes it generally effective. Such floors are excellent at concealing surface scratches, too.

4. Paint the Ceiling and Walls White

There is no need to do a huge overall to a room with only a few windows or inadequate lighting. The technique here is to paint the ceiling and walls white so that it would appear shimmering inside. You may also use sky blue since it gives off a bright outdoor atmosphere.

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