Ideas for a Practical Yet Classy Coffee Table

If there is one household furniture that fits with the aesthetics of any living room is the coffee table. Used for displaying novelty items and souvenirs or as a small table where you can eat your snacks while watching your favorite television shows, coffee tables have stayed faithful to home decor throughout the years.

Below are a few smart decorative ideas to show the usefulness of your coffee table without sacrificing its classiness.

1. A Pile of Books

Piled books or magazines on top of your coffee table or beneath the tabletop adds to the elegant characteristic to the furniture. Try to opt for luxury fashion magazines, recipe books, or even hardbound photo albums. You may also add a plant vase that matches with those reading materials to give it a casual look.

2. Scented Candles

Incorporate a soothing mood on your favorite place of relaxation with the help of good-smelling candles. It is much better if you use a candle holder with a luxurious etching on it and then pair it with any candle that you believe is suited visually. The aromatic element will surely boost the mood of your guests.

3. Modern Rugs

Sometimes, you may think that something is still lacking in terms of how your coffee table is supposed to look. If this scenario happens, try to place a contemporary rug underneath the table. It must not just be any available rug that you find, but it should be one that matches with the whole look of your coffee table and living room to give it character.

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